Madame Sul-Te-Wan (b.Nellie Conley) (1873-1959), ActressEdit

  • The Birth of a Nation, 1915 (Black Woman/Dr. Cameron's Taunter)
  • Intolerance, 1916 (Girl at Marriage Market)
  • Thunderbolt, 1929 (Minor Role)
  • Sarah and Son, 1930 (Belloc's Maid)
  • King Kong, 1933 (Native)
  • Imitation of Life, 1934 (Cook)
  • San Francisco, 1936 (Earthquake Extra)
  • In Old Chicago, 1937 (Hattie)
  • Kentucky, 1938 (Lily)
  • Sullivan's Travels, 1941 (Church Harmonium Player)
  • Carmen Jones, 1954 (Hagar, Carmen's Grandmother)

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