Nehemiah Persoff (1919-    ), ActorEdit

  • The Naked City, 1948 (Smiling Man Departing Subway)
  • On the Waterfront, 1954 (Cab Driver)
  • The Harder They Fall, 1956 (Leo)
  • The Wrong Man, 1956 (Gene Conforti)
  • Some Like it Hot, 1959 (Little Bonaparte)
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told, 1965 (Shemiah)
  • Voyage of the Damned, 1976 (Mr. Hauser)
  • Yentl, 1983 (Reb Mendel 'Papa')
  • An American Tail, 1986 (Papa Mousekewitz (voice))
  • The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988 (Rabbi)
  • Twins, 1988 (Mitchell Traven)

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